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Changing your passwords

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 | Views: 2979

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Changing user's password in DirectAdmin

Go to your DirectAdmin web panel page and log in with your current user name and password. The URL, your username and the password has been sent to you by e-mail during the purchase.

In Your Account section find Change Password option and click on it.

In a next window you will see password changing form that will ask you to provide your current DirectAdmin password as well as the new one (twice). At the same time you are free to change your root FTP password and the password for your main database account which you are using for phpMyAdmin.
Click Submit.

From now on your main system passwords are changed. Keep them in safe place and never ever use easy to guess passwords!

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Changing e-mail password in DirectAdmin

Log in to your DirectAdmin web panel and click on E-Mail Accounts link.

There you will see a list of your mailboxes. Find the one that your want to change password for and click Change in Password/Quota column

Next window will look familiar to you as you seen it during the creation of the new mailboxes. All you need to do is just to enter your new password twice or let DA to generate one for you. Either way you will see your new password after you click Modify button

That's it - your e-mail password is changed now. Do not forget to change it in your desktop e-mail clients too.

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Changing your e-mail password through Roundcube

Navigate to your Roundcube webmail client page using webmail.yourdomain.com URL. Replace yourdomain.com with your real domain name.
To login, enter the e-mail account that you are willing to change and its current password.
Next go to Settings > Password tab and provide your current and new passwords. Once you done that, click Save.

And once again your password is successfully changed!

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